UKI Microphon Super Fun Hairdryer


We love products that combine great design with innovative concept and quality. This applies to our lovely UKI Twister Travel Companion hair dryer.

Travel tools have such a bad reputation, but don't be fooled by it; the Twister is a work of art. Designed in Italy by the famous Design Studio Giovannoni, Twister is sober and minimal. Built of a luxurious silicone material that is exceptionally smooth and rich to the touch yet it protects the powerful engine inside extremely well. Two speed variations and a moveable directional nozzle makes UKI Twister a really good styling tool. No more worrying about that terrible hairdryer in your hotel room!

UKI Twister is extremely compact and folds easily to fit in your travel or beauty bag taking up very little space. And if you love to dry your hair naturally just remove your nozzle and fit the diffuser for superior curls (sold separately).

UKI Twister comes in 2 colours: Black and Fuchsia

Categories: Electrical tools